Film: how FLEGT-VPA is being used to give CAR’s forest communities a voice
November 15, 2015

As the Central African Republic (CAR) was recovering from a severe civil conflict (FW 189), the government launched a nationwide consultation on the future constitution – the first in the country’s history. The untold story of forest communities’ participation in building the future of the country is the subject of “How FLEGT is making a difference in the CAR”, a new film produced by Fern.


The film shows how the CAR’s Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU is being used to give forest people a voice in the future of their country, often for the first time.

In the film, civil society activists and local communities speak about their struggle for just and accountable management of forest resources, and the changes they wish to see in the country’s new constitution. The film illustrates the small victories from forest communities and their defenders and the rocky path that lies ahead for positive change.

Fern produced the film in collaboration with the Centre for International Development and Training UK, le Centre pour l’information environnementale et le développement durable and Maison de l’Enfant et de la Femme Pygmées.


[Images: Lewis Davies for Fern]