Forests and other wooded land now cover more than 40 per cent of the EU. They are home to the largest number of species on the continent and help protect biodiversity, water and soil. 

EU powers over Member States’ forest management are limited, and consequently, policies affecting forests are found under a range of topics such as environment, rural development, industry and trade. However, these policies cannot guarantee improved forest management and increased forest protection. 

Fern no longer specifically works on European Forests but raises concerns when issues arise such as the Polish logging of the ancient Białowieża forest, or when there are policies that will have an important effect on forests such as the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry Regulation (LULUCF).

Key publications 
To see Fern’s previous work on European Forests read Funding forests into the future. For more information about Fern’s see our campaign to increase European Forests’ ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere and our campaign to stop Member States burning their forests for bioenergy.  
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