Press release: EU demand helping drive human rights abuses in Russia’s coal heartland

May 3, 2018

A new report by forests and rights NGO Fern and Coal Action Network reveals the devastation that the expansion of coal mining in the Kuzbass region of southern Siberia is causing to the area’s indigenous Shor people and the environment. 

In 2017, coal production in Kuzbass rose by 6.2 per cent on the year before. Eleven of the top 22 countries that export coal from Kuzbass are in the European Union, despite some EU Member States’ increasing reliance on renewable energy.

- Report reveals how coal mining in Kuzbass in southern Siberia has destroyed forests and villages and endangered the indigenous Shor people

- Almost 40 per cent of all coal exported from Kuzbass is bound for EU

- Leading Shor anti-coal activist seeks asylum after escalating threats and intimidation 

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