Lack of clarity about who owns the forest and poor forest governance lead to illegal logging. This has a devastating effect on communities and biodiversity, releases vast carbon emissions and keeps countries in a dangerous and damaging cycle of poverty and corruption. 

The Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan is the EUs flagship tool to improve the way forests are owned and managed and stimulate the trade in legally sourced timber with the EU.

For some, success in the FLEGT Action Plan can be judged according to arrival of FLEGT licensed timber in the EU. Fern measures success according to how well governance has improved including effective involvement of civil society groups and local communities, and increased transparency and accountability. To date, FLEGT has achieved many benefits as shown in our reports below.

Key publications

For an understanding of the EU's FLEGT Action Plan and its VPAs read: Making Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) work for forests, people and the climate: Civil society recommendations on the future of VPAs.

Watch 'From the forests to the EU', a vlog in which civil society representatives explain how the EU can help protect forests and forest people rights.

Also read: Forest Watch VPA Update of December 2018: Transparency and the timber trade: under construction.
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